Wonderful customers make a wonderful business!
Here are some of the great things that have been said about My Family Footprints.

Jo is a Gem!

Jo has a great gift for digging deep and finding all sorts of interesting treasures about your family that you never thought possible! I would never have guessed I had Scottish roots! So awesome to find out all the little details and cool stuff that is uncovered. She will definitely help you to find all of the fun and exciting things waiting in your tree!

Tammy Gagnon

Pleasantly Shocked

I always knew my family was enormous, but WOW! Jo took on the huge task of researching many generations of my family. She was detail oriented, accurate with facts and compiled everything into a handy, organized binder. Copies of documents, family trees and explanations of each person. And to finally have the question of "where I came from" answered... Amazing! I can't recommend her services enough...to have mysteries solved is a such good feeling. You will be Fascinated! 

Jennifer Seaver Wallace

Working with Jo was a great experience from the beginning through to the end! She was diligent and tenacious on finding out the details of my dad's side of the family. The info she found was awesome and my dad was so excited to read it, I think he's read it three times! Definitely recommend Jo!

Veronica Compo

I highly recommend My Family Footprints. Jo was very professional and dedicated to the research of my family, and the completed package surpassed my expectations as I learned so much more about my ancestors than I ever expected to! Fantastic work...2 thumbs up!!

Caitlyn Gallagher

Absolutely did a wonderful job on the research of my father...It helped me learn so much more about him. Thank you again for all your hard work on the project!

Nicole Irvine

Enlightened The Whole Family

My Family FootPrints, the investigation and details provided to me from the work provided by Jo Zurwell was very informative, thorough and enlightening to our family of our history.   In fact I had Jo Zurwell continue her work on our family trees with all the information she uncovered, I was extremely pleased with her research and details. I highly recommend Jo Zurwell for your family research, you will be highly pleased with her details, documents and presentation that she provides.

Wendy Robertson